Unpacking memories and coming home to myself

This is the third time I’m re-starting the blog portion of my website. I write all the time and it’s one of my favorite things to do but every time I would publish a post it didn’t seem authentic. The first time I started this blog I wrote about yoga poses. “How To’s” and “Tips.” These were all things that I taught in my classes, where they should be taught. Not on the internet. Then I decided that I wanted to write about life and love but I found myself uninspired and at a point where I wasn’t truly living from my hearts center. After months of more changes, peeling off more layers, learning and listening, I feel my heart cracked wide open. I can feel all of my past experiences unfolding as lessons. I used to see how everything happens for a reason but now I feel it on a different level than I ever have before. I feel that everything came full circle. I went full circle and now I’ve come home to myself. So in love and in so much gratitude for my life and all its lessons. I can hear you, Thank You. I’m starting my blog this time with an open honest heart, sharing my experiences and my lessons. As a yoga teacher, I get questions from students all the time. Everything from parenting advice to eating disorders to a mother that lost her daughter. This used to scare me because I’m only 24 and I just teach yoga. Now it inspires me. Now I know that I can offer my heart and that it’s enough. These will be writings from my journal and from all the memories that I’ve unpacked. It’s everything that has brought me home.

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