Soul Sister Waterfall Adventure


I said “Let’s go find a waterfall.” and Morgan said “Okay!” No questions asked which is why we’re soul sisters. We met up yesterday morning wearing the same pants we had tie dyed together 2 summers ago and Sublime playing in our cars. Not planned.

We drove an hour and a half to a place called Raymondskill Falls in Pennsylvania. The drive alone was beautiful. I had recently read about it but we’d never been there before. When we got there we started the hike, in our flip flops, to the first overlook. At this first stop, we were right in front of a beautiful waterfall but its access was blocked off by a fence. We hopped the fence to stick our feet in the water and looked down about 400 ft. to see another waterfall beating into a river. We HAD to get down there.

There were no clear paths to the lower waterfall. We started heading in the direction we thought it was in and ended up sliding down a cliff on our butts because it was to steep to walk it. Eventually we got out of there and tried going in the opposite direction. We found our way back to a trail with mini waterfall stops that lead us to a river that was beautiful. We stopped and did yoga. At this point, we’d had an amazing hike and were stoked about the private mini waterfalls we had found along the way. I don’t think either of us thought we were actually going to find the lower waterfall, but we kept walking.

The only way to head in the direction of the lower waterfall was to walk up the river. So we did. Until we couldn’t walk anymore because it got too deep. We got out of the river on the opposite side of where we started and kept walking towards the waterfall. Now, we’re forced to bear crawl up a cliff. So we did. Good thing we did because we found another trail at the top. Literally jumping with excitement we start running down the trail. We can now hear the waterfall and we’re freaking out. Then we see it and we start running faster. We can see this big beautiful waterfall but the trail ends and we can’t get to it. Through the river we go again onto a rock right by the bottom of the waterfall. We hug and stare at it in bliss and shock that we actually found it.

There was no one else around, it felt like our own waterfall. I can’t even describe what the energy felt like, I have chills right now just thinking about it. It was like the force of the waterfall was moving through my body and straight into my soul. Its sound was so meditative my mind was filled with nothing but everything at the same time. Sitting under the water, topless, its presence was completely felt.

We found our way back, soaked, dirty and with genuine smiles that lit up our eyes. Caught some funny looks from the other hikers, but we’re used to that!

This moment was a lesson that not everything has a clear path but there’s always a way. Through darkness comes light, if you let it. Trust.

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  1. Nancy says:

    What a great story and a happy ending too. A message for all. Cherish your friendship!

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