The Chapter

Everything is always changing. It’s always good even when it’s bad. I’ve had so many shifts happen in every aspect of my life, something has always changed. Now, here I am again, more changes in every aspect of my life. Except it’s different this time. Every time I try to describe what I’m feeling I keep calling it The Chapter. It’s my chapter. I’ve manifested the life I’ve always wanted. It’s raw, authentic and straight from my heart. If I didn’t like something I changed it. If I wanted something I achieved it. If I couldn’t please everyone it was okay. If I was broke it was okay. If something didn’t work out it was okay.

I let go. I surrender. I trust completely.

This chapter, The Chapter, gave these words a whole new meaning. Until recently I thought I knew what it meant to let go, surrender and trust. Like I said before, I’ve made my life exactly how I wanted it to be no matter what got thrown at me. This most recent life lesson is what cracked me. I have zero control over it and I can’t change it. I’m processing it differently than  I normally do because it’s something that I shouldn’t even have to process. I know that I can’t resist. I know that I have to surrender. I know that I have to give it all to the sky but it’s not easy. To surrender is not easy. Before this chapter, I was able to adapt so easily. It almost scared me how easy it was for me to let things go. This time is hard.

It’s getting better though and I’m starting to see the light in this lesson now. I knew I would, it just took me a little bit longer than usual. I’ll write more about it when I’m ready but for now it’s just about the process. The process of what it truly means to have no control. To surrender. To feel. I move forward into The Chapter with the ability to fully feel from my hearts center. That is the essence of everything.

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