5 Things to Keep my Earthy Soul Awake During Winter

Feeling stuck? You’re not the only one. I feel it too, I think everyone does around this time of year. The winter blues are inevitable. However, just because its cold outside doesn’t mean we have to go into complete hibernation. Don’t get me wrong, I love my cozy Netflix binge-watching nights, but, I also need to take time out of my day to connect and ground down. Nature always does that for me instantly.

Here are 5 things I do to keep my earthy soul awake during Winter!

  1. The sun still rises and sets. If I see the sky start to light up in colors I stop whatever I’m doing to watch the day start or the night begin.
  2. If the moon is bright, stare at it. Absorb its good vibes and set an intention.
  3. Go outside at least once a day to close your eyes and take a deep breath. Breathing in cold air or taking a walk during winter always makes you feel alive. It’s just a little harder to make that first cold step out the door! Just remember, its always worth it.
  4. Find a body of water (or a waterfall) and watch it flow. Notice its waves, notice its ripples. There’s something about watching water that awakens me and pulls me out of any funk I’m feeling.
  5. When practicing yoga, I tell myself to fully feel the parts of my body that are connect to the earth. Feel it supporting you and holding you up.

Accept the surroundings that mother earth gives you, don’t resist them!

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