Mind: Somatic Guidance

1:1 Somatic Guidance sessions use movement, conversation and meditation to activate the parasympathetic nervous system. This is a space for you to connect to the inner workings of your own nervous system and use it’s language to move through your life. Now more than ever, it’s so necessary to have a safe place to speak from your heart.

Our culture encourages a lifestyle in which the nervous system is overlooked. We often have to overcome the belief that places the mind above what the body is actually feeling. The term “Intuition” gets lost instead of recognized as the voice of our nervous system. Because of this, energy gets wasted in the process of suppressing and ignoring feelings. Leading to negative effects in the body. Moving through life from the parasympathetic nervous system (rest) instead of the sympathetic nervous system (survival) offers you awareness of the senses which communicate a clear yes or no. Leading from this space gets you into relationship with the truest expression of your Self. 

Please note that I am a Certified Somatic Life Coach. Somatic Guidance works from the present moment forward, different from therapy which holds a big emphasis on the past. In addition, there is always a willingness and openness required to consciously experience body sensation for the first time. A $45 donation is appreciated with the willingness to work with you given our current circumstances. If this resonates with you, send me a message here to schedule your session.