Mind: Holistic Healing

This has been such an interesting time to be a Somatic Life Coach. Especially since I have been deep in my own process of rebuilding my life and practices during these 2020 times. When I say practices, I’m referring to the things that I do to keep my body, mind and spirit feeling good. Our practices naturally change as life unfolds. What worked at age 18 won’t be the same at age 30. Just like what worked in 2019, needs to be deeper in 2020. This current time in life has given us a deeper knowing about the importance of going inward to heal; instead of turning towards things that are outside of ourselves. 

I’m still offering coaching sessions, and calling in an even deeper, holistic approach. 

1:1 Holistic Healing Sessions can include… 
•A s
afe space for you to move out of your mind and into your intuition
•Connect to the inner workings of your own nervous system and use its language to move through your life
•Conscious conversation 
•Inner Child healing 
•Understanding your Chakras
•Basic herbs to support the current state of your nervous system
•Gratitude for what is going well
•Integrating new practices into your everyday life
•And just to put it simply…I’m someone to talk to who deeply cares; even if I don’t know you, I feel you 

Serving the Mind~

Our culture encourages a lifestyle in which the nervous system is overlooked. We often have to overcome the belief that places the mind above what the body is actually feeling. The term “Intuition” gets lost instead of recognized as the voice of our nervous system. Because of this, energy gets wasted in the process of suppressing and ignoring feelings; leading to negative effects in the body and spirit. 

If any of these practices resonate with you, send me a message here to schedule an intro callॐ 

Please note that I am a Certified Holistic + Somatic Life Coach. Holistic Healing Sessions work from the present moment forward, different from therapy which holds a big emphasis on the past. In addition, there is always a willingness and openness required to consciously experience body sensation for the first time. Sessions can be held in studio or online, prices vary.