Spirit: Reiki


Reiki offerings are available in studio on Wednesdays + Saturdays
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Online or at home offerings can be requested at your comfort and convenience here
Online $45
At home $85

Serving the Spirit~

Reiki means “Universal Life Energy.” It’s a practice that uses the body’s natural ability to heal itself- physically, emotionally and spiritually. Reiki energy is present everywhere and in all living things. This energy is channeled from higher areas of consciousness known as Spirit, God, Universe, Source…It moves through the Reiki Practitioner, and into the three aspects of the recipient- their body, mind and spirit. Reiki is received through the chakras that are directly connected to your own nervous system. Every cell in the body is so wise. Cells are the base of our physical life and hold a natural ability for us to heal from within. What happens during Reiki is that the cells of the body pull the energy that’s needed through the practitioner’s hands. You can pull in as much Reiki energy as you need to normalize the natural flow of your own Universal Life Energy and get into relationship with the language of your body.

If this resonates with you, book an in studio experience or request a remote offeringॐ